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Why does Chorus Consulting exist? Where is it going? Let’s start with a quick history:

Learning to Love Crisp Methodology and Hard Work

In 1988, Chris went to work for Arthur Andersen MICD (management information consulting division) which became Andersen Consulting and is now known as Accenture. While at Andersen, Chris worked with mid-sized companies and focused on Strategy and Systems Implementation. He also developed a love for crisp and focused methodology and its ability (when done well) to drive exceptional results. Good methodology is intelligent, common sense and adaptable.  It is very different than "process" which usually becomes cumbersome and bureaucratic.

As Chris progressed, he learned something else from his “Andersen experience.” Hard, intelligent work. That anything is possible with commitment and intelligence. Chris regularly worked with mid-sized organizations. The projects Chris led were not big by Andersen standards, but were almost always the biggest consulting investment ever made by each client. That takes trust. It demands commitment and a work ethic that can be counted upon.

Learning Marketing and Sales in a Complex Organization

Consulting firms sell consulting projects and services not physical products and offerings. Product and software companies are very different. Broad ranges of products and offerings. A velocity model that is very driven to move units. From 1997 to 2007, Chris was part of IBM. First in services (Business Intelligence), then in alliances (JDEdwards (now Oracle), software alliances), then in sales (Power Systems) and finally in strategy (North and South America Sales Strategy). This was a whole different set of experiences, challenges and priorities.
It was the right time and place. Technology products organizations were just understanding that more insight driven / consultative selling approaches could not just sell more but they could better address client issues and build customers for life. Chris was able to stand out for the skills and abilities he brought but also to demonstrate a tenacity for innovation that made a difference in initiative after iniative.
But, in 2007, something happened. Chris was part of a multi-day planning session to develop plans to close sales gaps. It was painful and frustrating. It illustrated how hard it can be to get any team moving in the same direction with the same understanding and the same commitment. It reminded him of an old EDS commercial about the challenges of  “Herding Cats.”  Chris had a realization:

“It should not be this hard. The yield rates shouldn’t be this low. The innovation skills should not be so weak. The insight vocabulary should not be so limited. The untapped potential should not be being missed.”

It planted a seed that there is a need for something better. Better insight. Better messages. Better enablement. Better execution. Better accountability.

Starting Chorus Consulting

Chris split from IBM and started Chorus Consulting in 2007. He immediately created a set of methodologies called Step Ahead®.  Step Ahead involves powerful methodology that can adapt, innovative technology that captures and reinforces, and actionable output to enable end-to-end management. These three elements are the core of Step Ahead and are the basis for multiple customer-oriented offerings.

Every offering based on Step Ahead gets more done in less time with clearly actionable results.  Most offerings focus on three key steps:

Step Ahead cuts through politics and false commitment. It cuts through flawed strategies based on incomplete and inconsistent insight. It drives to action and measurement. It is interactive. It pulls out the insights that lead to consensus-driven action. And, because of Chris’ level of focus, it always has an honest view of outcome goals and results.

Chorus Consulting has led over 1,000 strategic sessions using variations of Step Ahead® methodology with over 9,000 participants in nearly 50 countries. While many of those sessions have been with top executives, the majority have been with middle-managers. Chris is fond of saying that Chorus Consulting focuses on strategy with a “small s not a capital S.” Chorus Consulting is not the firm for five year visions. The focus is almost always on strategies that can make a substantial difference in the next 12 to 24 months by elevating and focusing a team. The Chorus focus is on practical strategies with clear actions.

Why the Name, Chorus?

But, why is it called Chorus Consulting? After searching for the right name, Chris saw this definition:

“To say the same thing, at the same time, together as one”

What an aspirational goal for your business. For your team. For your programs. But how often does a business or any business fall short of that goal? In selling? In strategy? With partners? With customers? You have probably heard the clichés. “Half of the battle is getting everyone on the same page.” Can there be any doubt that billions, maybe even trillions have been invested over time in trying to get to that goal: same thing, same time, together as one?

The definition is for the word Chorus. It is a beautiful vision and a perfect word to embody what we are trying to achieve.

10 Years in 2017

In the first 10 years of Chorus Consulting, Chris has seen business cultures and challenges globally. He has developed approaches that can apply across many cultures and levels of skill. The goal is always to find the untapped potential and to realize it while building your organization. That means seeing the goal and then crawling, walking and running to get there together and to stay there, ready to move to the next challenge. It also means having approaches that work whether a given team in a given country is at a crawl, walk or run stage. We appreciate every client who has shown trust and confidence in us over the past 10 years.

New Horizons

The Chorus Consulting approach (Step Ahead) has grown and expanded over time. While it is still used in sales and strategic growth planning, today it is used in many formats aimed at expanding reach and results. Some involve engaging your clients in ways that generate insight and shape their views and priories (and often yours). Some involve sales skills and the application of consultative selling skills to enhance any sales organization.

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